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My Returns Policy

I want you to be satisfied with the photographic print/s you have purchased from me. Happily over the years I have been offering my photographs for sale none of my customers have had a single issue with their quality. However, we all know ‘stuff can happen’ so here is a guide to what to do in the rare event you have an issue with your order.

The nature of supplying limited edition hand made photographic prints necessarily involves a great deal of human care and attention to detail to ensure the highest print quality. To achieve the highest standards at every single stage I personally prepare the digital file/s to be printed by my trusted, well-proven US-based print house. There is no automation in this process at all. It is all done by hand and eye by me, the photographer. It is therefore highly unlikely that your print will appear in any kind of inferior condition.

Therefore, really the only reason one of my prints will be unacceptable when you receive it is if it has been damaged in transit. Despite great care being taken to package your print/s, there may be the occasional incident in transit over which I have no control and which may damage your order.

I holds no stock/inventory. I provide a print-on-demand service, meaning every print/frame is custom made on a per order basis. Once checkout is complete, order modifications or cancellations cannot be made. Please therefore be careful to get everything as want it when you order.

In the rare and unlikely event of any issue you may have with an order from me here is my policy on returns and refunds in such cases:

In order for the Goods to be eligible for return/refund, please make sure that:

Once I have agreed that there is an issue and genuine damage has indeed been caused I will replace the print/s free of charge.

In some cases I may ask you to return your order before replacing/refunding. Should I ask you to do so please observe the following:

Should a return become necessary I will advise you promptly by email of the mailing address to which it should be sent.

Thank you for your understanding and attention.