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Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

" For walls, not screens."

You've chosen the artwork you'd like to own and now it's time to decide in what form you'd like it to be displayed on your wall. This is where my printing and framing options come into play...

Here are all the details...

Printing & Framing Options

Professional Paper Prints

This is the kind of general, everyday paper used by most professional photo-labs anywhere in the world. It delivers a good, solid, vibrant print but will not have the depth of a good fine art paper, nor its museum-grade fade-resistant longevity.


Fine Art Prints

If you are looking for the highest quality print then my fine art paper delivers the most depth and accuracy, as well as enhanced vibrancy and museum-grade fade-resistant longevity. This is why it is easily my most popular paper option.


Traditional Framed Prints

The majority of my customers prefer the print to do the work, not the frame. A good, solid, well-made plain black frame is therefore easily the most popular choice. However, I do offer the option of a white and/or natural frame for some of my prints. If you require a different, perhaps more ornate choice of frame then you should order an unframed fine art print and ask your local framer to frame it for you on arrival.


Contemporary Metal Prints

A high-gloss metal print is really something to behold. Its extraordinary vibrancy jumps out at you from the surface. The perfect medium for a modern home. Many of my works show at their very best when printed on this material. 


Contemporary Canvas Prints

Canvas prints can work really well in the more informal modern room. All come in a choice of three wraps (edges): plain black or white, or as in the example shown above. a 'Mirrored Image Wrap' option enabling the work to 'fold' over onto the edges of the frame. This displays well for this print but not all, so it is only available for appropriate works.


I am based in the UK and the majority of my sales are in the USA, so to keep shipping costs down I have outsourced all my printing and framing to a specialist US professional photographic print & frame company. Their work is superb so you can buy with confidence and save on delivery. It's the perfect win, win opportunity!