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" For walls, not screens."


I used to call this gallery Abstracts but that's too narrow. Image is better but maybe it's a bit too wide because all the images in all my galleries are images. However, if you compare the images in this gallery with those in other galleries you'll see what I mean. Confused yet?


Life is about people & places. Barbra Streisand sang about people in "Funny Girl". She pronounced it peepul. Peepul who need peepul. So remember - you are the luckiest peepul in the world. You'll go places when you visit my Life gallery.

(Who writes this stuff?)


Everyone knows what views are so no confusion here. Except I usually include seascapes and waterscapes too. Oh, and the natural world in general. Maybe defining the subject of a photograph is the art. Anyway, this is the View gallery.