Worldwide Wayman Pictures

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

" For walls, not screens."

Welcome to Worldwide Wayman Pictures 


There are so many beautiful moments to be seen in the world. Behold an extraordinary landscape one moment. Wait, what's this shape in a flower? Hold on - just look at that! Moments your eye glimpses, your mind registers, the wonder it absorbs. Fleeting moments that are held for fractions then so swiftly fade. Moments that should become fixed in memory so quickly become fragments of a blurred recollection. Forgotten even. 

My fascination is to record some of these timeless moments, to capture them through a lens and into the indelible digital memory of my camera. To enable the sharing of them with others. 

That they see what I see, and find equal enjoyment.

Moments in print.

Forget the screen.
My photographs are made for walls, not screens.
Beautiful fine art prints, to enjoy, mounted & framed on a wall.
To enhance your home or office environment.
To enrich your life.

Moments in your surroundings.

I hope you feel my galleries here are worth a visit and that you enjoy some of my photographic moments
as much as I have in preparing them and sharing them with you.

Thank you for stopping by.

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