Worldwide Wayman Pictures
Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

" For walls, not screens."

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About Worldwide Wayman

Hello. My name is Rodney Wayman. The branding of Worldwide Wayman came about because, after all, a website is worldwide and my last name is Wayman. I thought it might be catchy. And so it has proven. The name has stuck and my work is bought by clients all over the globe.

I've been taking photographs since I was 17. As you can see, I'm a little older now, but my enthusiasm for capturing images is undaunted and I love to show my work in various ways: via this website which gives you the opportunity to buy original fine art prints and wall art, and via my occasional gallery exhibitions. 

In actual fact I've spent much of my working life in the professional and commercial audio business. In the seventies I built and ran my own speech recording studio, making radio programmes and commercials in the early days of UK commercial radio. During that period you may even have heard some of my presentation, voice-over and production work on various stations here and abroad.

By the eighties that was out of my system and I had moved into the business of selling the kind of high level recording equipment I'd been using. Bringing my photographic and marketing skills to bear in creating that industry's first product catalogues and websites. A very productive period, great fun and for 25 years my bread and butter.

However, much as I loved the world of audio the passion was too much for me. And so, in later life a new mistress...

The Art Of Photography.

My great joy is to share with my growing audience the images I capture. With your help I would like to widen that following. I hope you will consider the addition of some of my photographs to your walls, as many of you kindly already have. Indeed, a growing number of people seem to enjoy my images and have chosen to enhance their living and working environments with them.

I look forward to you joining them. Thank you for considering my work.