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" For walls, not screens."

Optional Framing

Some say a frame makes a picture. I don't agree. The picture makes the picture. Sure, an appropriate frame can enhance a picture. It can show it off better. But the picture is the focus and aided just a little by its container. Hence I have chosen a small selection of modern frames with some attractive mounts to set off my pictures. My watchwords have been clean-cut simplicity and affordability. Framing can be expensive but really does not need to be. With today's materials and coatings costs have come down. My frames are modestly priced, attractive, robust and most important of all in my view, they let the picture do the talking. After all, that's what you look at. Its container is in your peripheral vision being just a framing device to formalise it and enable you to hang it on the wall. So, that said, here are examples of the main three frames I use, along with my choice of white, black and coloured mounts.

Here is my guide to pricing ...

Black, Silver or Gold Frames


14" x 10" Frame with mount - £75

21" x 15" Frame with mount - £85

28" x 20" Frame with mount - £100

Black, Silver or Gold Frames


15" x 15" Frame with mount - £75

20" x 20" Frame with mount - £85

25" x 25" Frame with mount - £100

▶ How to order my optional frames

  • First place your online order for your fine art print/s. Then I can get going with printing them ready for framing.

  • Click on the pictures you've ordered in my galleries to see my suggested examples of a frame & mount for them.

  • Choose the frame/s you like and email me at with details.

  • I will then send you digital mock-ups of the picture/s you've ordered in the frame/s you want, by email.

  • Once you've confirmed you're happy that I've understood your requirements I will send you an email invoice.

  • You can then pay me online via a link in that email invoice and I will deliver your framed artworks, normally within 7-14 days.

PLEASE NOTE - Whilst worldwide shipping my fine art prints is always free please understand the extra weight and packaging of framed works means that shipping of these have to be charged at cost in addition to the above prices.

Framing Examples

All my mounts come sealed at the back with anti-dust tape and have a hanging wire or nylon string fitted.

Scroll down or click each frame colour to be taken to further information.

My Black Frames with Mounts

By far the most common black frame and mount combination is the kind usually used at photographic exhibitions - a black frame with either bright white or antique white mount. These are the first two shown in my examples below. I also use a black frame with a black mount where preferred, mainly for black & white shots but sometimes for colour. And some of my work is enhanced by various other mount colours as appropriate.

Note: the on screen mock-up photos of my black frame has a slightly different profile than the actual frame I use which has subtly rounder surface.

My Silver Frames with Mounts

I find the best silver frame & mount combination is when using either a bright white or black mount. Either of these lets the picture shine.

My Gold Frames with Mounts

Gold picture frames can be so over the top sometimes, can't they? I love the more modest, 'less-is-more' character of the gold frame I have chosen. It adds just a touch of gold and yet allows the picture to work harder. Whilst the antique white mount often works best I do like the way some of my other coloured mounts seem to compliment this clean modern frame and further enhance the work.

One final point - when you scroll though my picture galleries you can click on each of the main pictures to see my suggested examples of a frame & mount for that picture. I can supply any of these for you with pleasure. But if you prefer, once you receive your artwork from me, you may ask your own framer to mount & frame it for you, or even do it yourself. This will often give you even more choice and control.